Critical Demand for Graphite Has Landed It on the National Defense Stockpile List (1) and Opened a Potential $29 Billion Opportunity(2)

Learn Why Graphite One (TSXV:GPH) (OTC:GPHOF) Has Soared as Much as 1,311% (3) And Could Be a Top Play
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The electric vehicle market shows no signs of slowing and has created further demand for metals like graphite. Graphite is essential for producing the anode of lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles and energy storage. (8)
According to CNBC, the world could see about 125 million EVs on the road by 2030. This means we could need an enormous amount of graphite. (4)
Graphite is the “new oil.” The decarbonization of the energy storage and transportation sectors is quickly gaining momentum all over the world. (5)
According to the World Bank, graphite output needs to increase by roughly 500% by 2050 to meet the demand of the battery metals market. (6)
Graphite One recently completed the 2021 field program at its 100% owned Alaska-based Graphite Creek project. (7)

Breaking News | May 10, 2022

Graphite One Welcomes Scott Packman to its Board of Directors

Electric vehicles have become some of the hottest investments around.

With demand only accelerating, it’s dramatically increased the need for high-quality metals, like graphite. After all, graphite is an essential material used for producing the anode of lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles and energy storage.

And it’s in BIG demand.

So much so that according to the World Bank, graphite output needs to increase by about 500% by 2050. And that’s to meet the demand of the battery metals market alone. (6)

That’s 2050, though. By 2030, according to CNBC, the world could see roughly 125 million EVs on the road. (4) We surely may need an ungodly amount of graphite to make this reality.


“This is because graphite serves as the anode in the lithium-ion batteries that power these EVs, not to mention the growing number of portable tools and electronics that use the same type of battery.” (8)

Electrifying the story, the new $1 trillion infrastructure bill could help build more than 500,000 charging stations and help make 50% of vehicles electric by 2030. (9)

Again though, this can’t be stressed enough. The industry needs more graphite for this to happen. Immediately.

Graphite supply could be the lifeblood of our future. Why else would the USGS include graphite on its list of 35 minerals and metals considered critical to the United States? (10)

Why would the White House have signed an executive order in early 2021 aimed to strengthen critical U.S. supply of graphite for the renewable and electric vehicle battery sectors? (11)

Beyond this, the U.S. has continued scrambling just to get a hold of the nation’s graphite supply. Lost in the shuffle of all this infrastructure news is that graphite was very recently added to the new U.S. National Stockpile (NDS) Acquisitions List. (12)

"The inclusion of graphite on the National Defense Stockpile list is another sign of graphite’s growing importance," said Anthony Huston, CEO of Graphite One. “Coupled with the importance of graphite to three of the four key supply chains recognized by the June 2021 White House report, it is clear the U.S. Government sees graphite as essential to both national security and the technology economy.” (12)

Just Who is Graphite One Inc. ?


Graphite One is a graphite company in the midst of developing its Graphite One Project. This project could help the company evolve into a major American producer of high-grade Coated Spherical Graphite (CSG) integrated with a domestic graphite resource.

The Graphite One Project is proposed as a vertically integrated enterprise to mine, process, and manufacture high-grade CSG. Primarily, it would be used for the lithium‐ion electric vehicle battery market.

As outlined in Graphite One’s Preliminary Economic Assessment, potential graphite mineralization mined from its Graphite Creek Property is expected to be processed into concentrate at a graphite processing plant.

The proposed processing plant would be located on the Graphite Creek Property situated on the Seward Peninsula about 60 kilometers north of Nome, Alaska.

Graphite One Inc. Just Completed its 2021 Field Program


Graphite One recently completed the 2021 field program at its 100% owned Graphite Creek project in Alaska.

The Field Program included infill and step-out core drilling in the resource area. On top of this, it saw additional core and sonic drilling for geotechnical data collection in the proposed mill site and dry tailings/waste rock storage areas. Other work included access route engineering, surface water and groundwater hydrology studies, wetlands mapping, and aquatic life surveys. (7)

2,052 meters were drilled during the 2021 program, including 1,695 meters of HQ core drilling and 357 meters of sonic drilling. Results from 8-hole core holes completed in the resource area are expected to be released in Q1 2022 when data analysis is completed. (7)

“With the recent CDN $21 million in funding, our efforts have progressed towards completion of the PFS for the largest known and highest-grade graphite deposit in the United States,”

Anthony Huston, CEO of Graphite One.

“The 2021 Field Program also initiated the drilling and additional data collection needed to begin work on the FS after the PFS is completed. We are very pleased with the successful execution of the 2021 Field Program, as historical drilling coupled with the new data clearly demonstrates the predictability and consistency of high-grade, near surface graphite. With the concepts and conclusions outlined in the PEA suggesting a 40-year mine life, the Graphite Creek deposit continues to show potential to be an essential long-life component of the graphite supply chain, one of four critical minerals that are on the US National Defense stockpile list.”

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Strong Management, Strong Results – Graphite One Inc.


Graphite One Inc. is led by a team of individuals who have achieved outstanding results in their careers. Their combined knowledge and experience demonstrates proven business strategies as well as expertise in exploring, developing, and operating mining properties – including:

•    Extensive experience in mineral exploration, development, and production

•    Strong corporate backgrounds

•    Managed major exploration, development, and operating programs

•    Collectively financed over $250 million for various resource companies


Executive Chairman + Director, Chair Audit Committee Mr. Smith has over 35 years of experience in the international coal industry as a senior executive and corporate director. He was General Manager of Xstrata Coal Canada from mid-2011 to mid-2013, a role assumed following Xstrata Coal's purchase of First Coal Corporation in 2011. Mr. Smith had been President, CEO, and Director of First Coal since May 2007, where he raised over $50 million in equity and directed its sale to Xstrata. For the preceding twelve years, Mr. Smith was President and Director of Andalex Resources Inc., a private U.S. coal company, until he successfully directed its sale in 2006.


Director, Member of Compensation Committee, Member of Audit Committee Mr. Budd has extensive management and corporate development experience with over 25 years of entrepreneurial and sales leadership experience in the resource and high-tech industries. His business acumen includes the development and execution of comprehensive business and financing plans, corporate communication programs, and strategic planning for both the domestic and international markets. Mr. Budd has held the position of President & Chief Executive Officer and/or Director for several public companies since 2010.


Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary Mr. Ahlgren is a Chartered Professional Accountant and has extensive experience, having served as CFO and Corporate Secretary with AQM Copper Inc. and previously with First Coal Corporation until its purchase by Xstrata Coal Canada. Recently, Mr. Ahlgren has been assisting in restructuring a company with operations in Argentina and with a mining company in transition following a purchase of a mine in the United States. Before First Coal, Mr. Ahlgren served as Vice President Finance with Kinross Gold Corporation. Mr. Ahlgren graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Accounting and Finance.


Director, Chair of Compensation Committee, Member of Audit Committee Mr. Smith is a senior mining executive with 40 years of executive management experience in the international mineral exploration and mining industry. He presently is a Director of Great American Minerals Exploration Inc., a private company with gold properties in Alaska in the exploration and development phase. Mr. Smith was President and CEO of Heatherdale Resources Ltd., which boasts an advanced-stage Niblack polymetallic deposit in Alaska. Before this, Mr. Smith enjoyed a career with Rio Tinto PLC, spanning 32 years in numerous senior management positions and culminating as Managing Director of Exploration, Australasia Region based in Perth, Australia. Mr. Smith also held the role of Exploration Executive reporting to the Head of Exploration for Rio Tinto based in London. Mr. Smith has been involved with globally diverse exploration and development projects spanning many commodities. These commodities include gold, copper, molybdenum, iron ore, diamonds, industrial minerals, and metallurgical coal. His experience managing exploration programs in Alaska spans 20 years.


Director – Graphite Products Manufacturing Mr. Tan has been an independent consultant to the carbon and graphite materials industry for the past 8 years, emphasizing manufacturing graphite anode materials and other advanced graphite products. He has over 23 years of industry experience, including as general manager of SGL Carbon Group’s graphite foil manufacturing plant in China and several technical positions in the industry in the United States and Canada.


President and CEO + Director Mr. Huston is a successful entrepreneur with a background in tech sector business development and finance. He has played an integral role in raising more than $100 million in his career. Having served as Managing Partner in both public and private companies, he has advised on financial and acquisition transactions in industries ranging from resources and real estate development to biotechnology and information technology. In his C-level engagements, Mr. Huston has demonstrated an ability to translate business objectives into integrated and cost-effective technology strategies. He provides a clear vision to drive business growth combined with a passion for helping to develop strategic plans.


Chief Operating Officer and Director, Graphite One (Alaska) Inc. Mr. Foo has more than 35 years of experience in the mining sector, including 21 years in Alaska. He has served as President and General Manager for Donlin Gold LLC, General Manager for Alaska Gold Torrent, Chief Geologist and General Superintendent for Cortez Gold Mines (Nevada), and Project Manager roles with Placer Dome and Barrick Gold Corporation. He also served as Mining Section Chief at the Alaska Department of Natural Resources and is widely respected for his ability to build long-lasting working relationships with state and federal regulatory agencies and Alaska Native stakeholders.

Advisory Board


Mr. McGroarty is a principal of Carmot Strategic Group, an issues management firm in Washington, D.C. In the past, he has also served in senior positions in the U.S. Government, as a special assistant at the White House and with the Department of Defense. He is experienced in advising corporations on issues of management, public policy, and communications. As a strategic and critical materials subject-matter expert, he has testified before both U.S. Senate and House committees on energy and natural resources. He consults with the Institute for Defense Analyses, which supports the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, the Joint Chiefs’ Joint Staff, and the Intelligence Community.


Jerry Birch and Kevin Greenfield are co-owners of Taiga Mining Corporation - a respected, successful Alaskan placer mining company they founded in 1990 after working for a decade in various roles in the Alaskan mining industry. Jerry and Kevin bring proven experience in developing, permitting, and operating a successful mining operation in the interior of Alaska. Taiga has received numerous industry awards, including the State of Alaska Department.


Mr. Robins, a professional geologist, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, has over 25 years of experience as an independent exploration geologist and entrepreneur. A graduate of the University of British Columbia (BSc Geology, 1984), Mr. Robins initially worked as a self-employed prospector and geologist in BC and Northern Canada. In 1988, he founded Hunter Exploration Group, one of Canada's most successful private exploration companies. Mr. Robins has also started several successful public exploration and development companies, including his co-founding of the Discovery Group of Companies in 2005; and, most recently, the Aurora Resource Group.

To sum it up...

Electric vehicles have become one of the hottest investments around and graphite is essential for the industry’s growth. After all, graphite is an essential material used for producing the anode of lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles and energy storage. (8)

That’s part of the reason why the World Bank claims we need graphite output to increase by roughly 500% by 2050 just to meet the demand of the battery metals market. (6)

In a nutshell, it is in BIG demand and shows no signs of slowing.

Could it be why the Graphite One stock rallied 1,311% between Mar 11, 2020 and Feb 09, 2021? (15)

This could be just the beginning of this company’s story on its mission to transform a graphite market expected to balloon to $29.5 billion by 2022. (2)

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