This Tiny Lithium Stock Could Trigger a Massive Bidding War in the Next 90 days.

…and no American has ever heard of it. Until now.

Breaking News | Feb 2, 2022:

Scotch Creek Ventures Inc. Acquires the 5,360 Acre Miranda Lithium Project in Nevada

Laptop MarketIn less than a decade, Tesla has evolved from a “no-name” company into a major household name, and America’s largest car manufacturer by market cap.

Tesla’s massive growth is proof of undeniable demand for Electronic Vehicles (EVs) worldwide. All thanks to the rapid evolution and unmatched reliability of lithium batteries.

So as big names like Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda, Ford and GM now join the race towards a $1 Trillion electric future, it’s uncertain which company will cross the finish line first. But there’s no question HOW they’ll get there … Lithium and Scotch Creek Ventures Inc. Canada: (CSE:SCV) Germany: (FSE:7S2) United States: (OTCQB:SCVFF)

Over the next few minutes, you’ll learn why over the next 90 days, this tiny $14.87 million market cap miner (as of Nov 8, 2021) could quickly skyrocket to well over a $100 million market cap.

And with incredible potential upside at hand…

Critical Advantage #1

Scotch Creek is the 2nd Largest Landholder Smack Dab in the Center of “Lithium Valley”

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Silicon Valley in California. But what if I told you that Scotch Creek could be operating smack in the middle of the U.S. equivalent for lithium mining?

Meet Clayton Valley, Nevada, or what could be considered the U.S.’s “Lithium Valley.”

Here’s why.

Clayton Valley is host to the ONLY commercially producing lithium project in all of North America. That would be Albemarle’s Silver Peak brine evaporation pond project. ABC Nightline Calls Clayton Valley the “Epicenter of the Next Gold Rush”

Of course, all of this is common knowledge. Here’s what most people don’t realize;

A tiny lithium exploration company called Scotch Creek’s two projects, Macallan East and Highland’s West, total 9,281 acres. That’s good for the second-largest stake in all of “Lithium Valley.”

So why haven’t you ever heard of them?

It’s very likely because the company only recently listed on a U.S. exchange…which, in itself, is earth-shaking news. Why?

Source 11

Scotch Creek offers a rare opportunity one hardly ever witnesses.
The company is doing assessments over the next 90 days and has applied for its drill permit for Macallan East.

According to Scotch Creek CEO David Ryan, “We are confident that we will find lithium. The next question will be the grade, thickness and how much.

Now think about this. By as soon as 2022, lithium demand could begin to exceed supply. According to Benchmark Minerals, demand could far outpace supply. Now, here’s where there’s a MASSIVE opportunity – the kind that doesn’t magically appear via ‘typical’ research.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, “Albemarle announced plans in January to double production there over the next five years.”

With lithium supplies draining faster than your cell phone battery, where do you think Albemarle is going to get that extra lithium from?

Beyond this, the story gets even more enticing when you look at Scotch Creek’s financials.

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Critical Advantage #2

Fundamentally? SCVFF is Anything but Your Typical Junior Miner

Once a junior mining company like Scotch Creek gets into a near-term revenue position, it’s preferable to have a strong balance sheet and low debt.

In the case of Scotch Creek – let’s make that NO DEBT.
Aspiring junior miners can only dream of being not only debt-free like SCVFF.

They’ll be green with envy to know that SCVFF has also been debt-free for over the last 5 years.

For a junior exploration company, that is remarkable.

Why is that such a big deal?

Simple. Exploration & development is expensive. Juniors tend to resort to borrowing when just to raise enough cash during the exploration phases. Or they may bring in a partner, merge, or farm the project out to another company.

Scotch Creek, on the other hand, is not your average junior.

The company’s shrewd management had Nostradamus-like foresight in acquiring their properties, focusing on increasing the company’s value for shareholders. All debt-free. 

With its capital so shrewdly spent, perhaps that’s why the stock has surged an impressive 223% year to date as of the market close on Nov 5, 2021. 

Mind you, this all occurred BEFORE the company was even listed on a US Exchange.

Now imagine what happens when millions of fresh eyes turn to SCVFF.

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Critical Advantage #3

Positive Drill Results May Rewrite History in the Next 90 Days!

Starting in 1849, thousands of prospectors traveled through Nevada en-route to California’s newly discovered goldfields.

This gave the state their nickname, “The Silver State.”

Fast forward 172 years, and there’s a new boss in town. The lithium miner.

The Next-Gen Mining Race is on, and Nevada is the Target
The world is in desperate need of lithium supply. That is a fact.

Forbes sums it up best. “Lithium might run out by 2025. And as electric cars begin to take over the roads, lithium stocks could turn out to be some of the biggest winners.”

Forbes further added, “since 2018, lithium prices have crashed 60-70% to rock-bottom lows. The drawdown forced miners to cut back on operations and call off the exploration of new mines. And now there’s a very limited number of projects making lithium.”


As of Oct 25, 2021, an estimated 11,370 active placer claims have been located in Nevada, presumably for lithium brine in 18 different hydrographic basins.

But remember, there is only ONE producing mine in the entire state.

Who do you think owns two massive properties just a stone’s throw away from the Silver Peak brine evaporation pond project?

Scotch Creek, that’s who.
While other companies claim to be adjacent, nearby, or “right next to,” they are NOT in the same area currently producing high-quality lithium.

It’s All Happening in Lithium Valley, USA

With their two massive properties in the mineral-rich Lithium Valley, something big is indeed brewing with SCVFF.


Macallan East is an early-stage lithium project spanning 159 placer claims, totaling 3,180 acres. It is located on the southeast side of the southern Clayton Valley. Clayton Valley hosts the only producing lithium operation in North America, Albemarle’s Silver Peak. Throughout the years, Clayton Valley has been the location for considerable exploration success. Clayton Valley has an enormous measured and inferred endowment of lithium and is rapidly emerging as one of the world’s largest lithium concentrations.


Highlands West is Scotch Creek’s flagship Clayton Valley lithium project. The project spans 298 placer claims, totaling 5,960 acres, and is located on the southeast side of southern Clayton Valley. The property can be accessed by paved roads from Tonopah and Goldfield and the paved state route 265 through Silverpeak, the active lithium brine mine in the basin.

The Window of Opportunity is Closing Fast

Once Scotch Creek makes their official announcement from their drill results, this small company could very well explode higher.

With companies like Ford, GM, Tesla, and others banging on the door for more supply, it’s not outrageous to think this company could easily blow past a $100 million market cap.

Of course, timing is everything.

And this could all go down in the next 90 days. So it really pays to keep your eye on this once-in-a-lifetime lithium play.

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